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2019 Influencer Run Down

2019 Influencer Run Down

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10 Hot Travel Influencers to Follow in 2019

Guest Writer:  Delicia Paisley-Smith

There is a black travel movement currently taking place and it is not losing steam. Historically black travelers have been underrepresented across media platforms, these influencers with their growing followers prove this is quickly changing. As we are approaching the New Year here are 10 hot influences to keep your eye on for your travel needs.

Gloria Atanmo 

Gloria Antanmo is a solo dreamer who follows her heart with determination to take over the travel world. This inspirational 28 year old has managed to turn a dream career of getting paid to travel into a reality. Celebrating her 28th birthday in March 2018 she describes in her blog I get paid to travel the world. Here are the 7 biggest lessons I’ve learned. of how she can’t believe the possibility of her blog reaching 6 figures by the end of next year, as she recognizes her blessings as well. Gloria brings a beautiful sense of vulnerability to her travel blogging. Gloria is not afraid to talk about her failures as well as her accomplishments, and this is why we admire her.

Instagram: glographics   

Olivia Christine Perez

Bronx-born Latina Olivia Christine Perez combines wellness and travel. Centered around outdoors exploration O. Christine shares tips and advice on everything from coping with stress, budgeting, and scoring the best Prince Lines deals. Olivia inspires others to step out of the work life prioritize their wellness and need for adventure. Living with lupus, she shares her personal experiences with the autoimmune disease providing tools on how she overcomes her endeavors. The mission of her blog is to reach others as a reminder that it is possible to build a life we can be in love with beyond our situations.

Instagram: ochristine 

Tracey M. Coleman

In 2001 Tracey M. Coleman made the bold decision of switching from med school to the world of advertising and didn’t look back. Landing a career as a creative marketing consultant Tracey has over a decade of experience. During her time off she shares witty stories of her travel adventures and foodie expertise on Brooklyn Travel Addict. Tracey’s work has been featured in numerous publications including, Essence Magazine, Travel Noire and Parlour Magazine. Among her many hats she has worn over the span of her 15 year she added humanitarian. Purpose Driven Passports is a non-profit founded by the Brooklyn blogger, in a less than a year over $10,000 profits were raised going towards programs in Jamaica and Kenya, 100% of those proceeds went to partner organizations.

Instagram: bktraveladdict  


Star Lengas

Inspired by her two favorite Disney characters Belle & Ariel with the dream to fly away from her little city in Northwest Ohio, Star Lengas wanted to be where the people are. In 2009 her wanderlust was fed by starting a 4-month internship at a US Army post in Germany which led to a 2-year stay. Moving to Seol, Korea a second time with her husband in 2015, Star shaped her occupation as a creativepreneur, freelancer, blogger, and consultant. Star’s blog 87pages shares her unique perspective on lifestyle and travel with a focus on everything Korean beauty skin care. As an army wife, Star shares her experiences of the constant relocating and undertakings of military life. In addition to being a seasoned life-style blogger, she is a life couch helping others find their true happiness.

Instagram: 87pages


Kay Kingsman

The Awkward Traveler brings a humoristic and satire approach to travel blogging. Kay Kingsman shares her awkward escapades like the hilarious story of getting attacked by an insect in Mexico. The blogger admits her travel fails like mixing up itineraries and getting lost, letting us know traveling isn’t always so IG picturesque and its part of the journey. Kay shares a variety of travel tips on budgeting, traveling with companions, health, and juggling your travel time as a full time student or a full time job. The seasoned traveler also writes non-fiction as well as blogging, in December 2017 she published her first book TW:Flatline.

Instagram: theawkwardtraveller  

Amber Jones

Amber Jones shares her infectious bubbly personality through her travel and life style blog Diary of Ambam.  The 20 something year old has a goal of visiting 30 countries by her 30th birthday, we are all rooting for her! On the cusp between vegetarian and vegan due to her love for mac n cheese, Amber shares travel tips as well as vegan/vegetarian recipes.  The cheerful blogger also post recipes on her YouTube channel, Amber’s Ratchet kitchen is for those who are new to cooking. Jones also tells stories of other inspiring experienced travels on her blog. Amber’s dream is to create a life where she doesn’t need to take a vacation from, isn’t that a life goal for us all.

Instagram: callme_ambam    

Briona Lamback

Native born to Baltimore, Maryland, currently based in London, Briona Lamback documents her food and travel ventures on her blog you me lunch & travel. An emphasis on her love for all things food, Briona shares her foodie knowledge from all her global experiences. Recently moving to London for grad school, she describes her move as life changing, falling in love with the city, even with the rainy days. On her You Tube Channel Bri You Me Travel, she talks about how she made big move to London, valuable tips on living for free, and updates on her London journey. Briona’s favorite way of creating human connections is by traveling, she is also a creative soul through her poetry that can also be found on her blog. 

Instagram: briyoumetravel  


Jewels Rhode

Founder of traveljewles Jewels Rhode shares her knowledge and experiences as a well-seasoned traveler. Over the span of her eight-year travel voyages Jewels has traveled to an impressive 28 countries. Her travel ventures began in 2010 to Durban, South Africa to study community health & social policy. Africa was the catalysts that sparked Jewels wonder lust, she had the realization the Africa she was exposed to by media in the states was not the same country compared to her experiences, what other countries could be misrepresented? Jewels had received the 2017 Liebster Award, an online-only award noting favorite new bloggers, just after 8 months of blogging, a well-deserved award after pouring her heart into her work.

Instagram: _traveljewels_

Ashlee Tuck

As the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Will Drink For Travel Ashlee Tuck who is from Baltimore, MD but lives and works in Washington, D.C. has united her passion for travel and a great cocktail. Will Drink For Travel introducers readers to unique and native spirits as well as the traditions, customs, and food with the associated countries. Ashlee also has her You Tube channel Will Drink For Travel TV updating us on her latest achievements like being featured Thrillist.

Instagram: willdrinkfortravel


Amanda Grace

Amanda Grace is a licensed physical therapist, passionate traveler, and “part-time” blogger. Through her blog PT Passages, she reaches her audience by sharing her personal experiences of travel and physical therapy. The many questions of followers she was answering on her Instagram led to the creation of her blog site. Amanda’s objective is to be an inspiration to her readers by sharing tips that has made her life of travel and physical therapy easier.  For those interested in starting a career in physical she drops some precious gems in her article 9 TIPS FOR APPLYING TO PHYSICAL THERAPY SCHOOL.

Instagram: ptpassages

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ISSA J Travel Enthusiast
ISSA J Travel Enthusiast

February 10, 2020

Less is more and there’s plenty of us! Great post!

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