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Your Profile is...

The Foodie

For you, the meal is the adventure, and the kind of restaurant you dress up for and have a couple of cocktails at is your version of the club. Best kept secret, hole in the wall, and independently owned are some of your favorite features of a restaurant, pop-up, food truck, or cart. You never miss an opportunity for a great meal, and know that if you’re in Paris you get a baguette from Poilane, and that if you’re in Tuscany you can visit an olive oil resort for massages and meals that feature oils made with olives grown on the grounds. 

You are the black woman version of Anthony Bourdain. Good food, locally food, expertly prepared food, these aren’t just parts of a moment, they are the moment.

Your Perfect Vacation: Thailand

The heart of Thailand’s aromatic dishes is the roots, herbs, and spices that grow locally.

The world-famous hawker stalls in local night markets inspire love and loyalty from those who have waited hours in long lines, navigated crowded streets, and maybe suffered an occasional stomach ache or disappointment in the name of finding the best in Bangkok.

Between meals, there’s an abundance of tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins, and ornate temples to take in.

Your Go-To Hairstyle:
Wash & Go

A wash & go that you can occasionally put into a low bun, a style that is traditional to the culture, quick & easy to put together when you get a routine down, and perfectly low maintenance, is the way to go. Be sure to apply a good leave in after shampooing, and remember that you can make or buy a fuller bun with hair that blends well with your own if you’d like, and keep the whole thing together with your choice of pony tail holder (hair bungees stay perfectly in place without pulling your hair), maybe accessorizing with a locally sourced clip.

Your Perfect Travel Partner: Co-Wash Bar

After a day of walking through delicious outdoor kitchens, you'll want to savor the memories, not smell them on your pillow. The BlackTravelBox® solid Co-Wash Bar is an eco friendly option in a TSA friendly size. The botanicals like sunflower, & natural oils & butters like argan & kokum, provide a gentle moisturizing wash that allows you to maintain your natural oils & keeps your hair manageable without putting you through the work of a full wash day. 


BlackTravelBox® hair and skincare products are made for life on the go, with travel friendly packaging and formulations that make packing, carrying (on), and using them simple and easy. It's luxe beauty on the go, for us by us.