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Why We're Here

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Beauty should feel real.

We believe that authenticity is the best kind of beauty. In a world of pretty pictures and undue pressure, staying true to who we are is our own kind of escape. Our beauty should feel real in every situation and at every destination. Living and looking "unfiltered" is what we value.

We have the power to charter our own path.

In this present day, we have the power to write our own rules, color outside the lines, and charter our own paths. We believe in finding opportunity through failure, and in being the change we wish to see in the world. Making a mark in beauty is only our first departure ...

Travel changes you.

Just a few days away from our day-to-day can make a world of difference. We travel to escape, to unwind, and to create. More so, we journey to uncover greater depths within ourselves and the world around us. We believe that travel changes you and that every woman, at least once, should see herself in a different shade under the sun.

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