Anatomy of a Carry On

Anatomy of a Carry On

Black Travel Box: The Anatomy of a Carry-On

Guest Writer: Raphaella Brice

Travelers don’t stop – we just keep going and going. And going. On my return home, I’m already planning another trip before my plane lands. I blame Europe for this addictive-yet-fun habit. What can I say? I just can’t help myself! I live for adventures and experiences. Because of this crazy obsession, I’ve mastered the art of fitting all of my traveling essentials in my carry-on for a 10-day trip. As a black traveler, it’s vital that we pack the necessary items for quick getaways and lengthy trips, especially if you’re natural like me. To make your journeys more enjoyable, check out what I pack in my carry-on and see the anatomy of the Black Travel Box.

1. iPhone (and other Electronic devices)

It’s 2019, what’s a getaway without an iPhone? This electronic essential is a must-have for high quality pictures, videos, navigation apps, checking the weather, and more. It’s light, portable, and available at any moment. Whip out your iPhone (or Android) to capture those moments and leave those bulky cameras at home.

All iPhone 6 hunny! Interlaken, Switzerland. Captured by: Raphaella Brice.

2. Portable Charger

As an aspiring travel blogger, a portable charger is probably the most essential gadget in my carry-on. Who wants dead batteries and missed footage of the latest travel endeavors? Not I, and I can bet, not you either. To avoid any oops during my travels, I like to bring an extra portable just in case I forget to charge my premier one.

3. Empty Travel Accessories

To make traveling 10x easier, consider using travel size containers for your oils, lotions, and other hair care products. It’ll make your natural and body care regimen smoother and stress free. Plus, you need all the extra space you can get for all the goodies you are bringing back.

4. Bar soap

Regardless of how you may feel about bar soaps, packing it along with your other toiletries is another great way to save space in your carry-on. If you’re not a fan of unnatural preservatives like myself, consider natural bar soaps such as Black Soap (and pair with the BTB Conditioner Bar!). It’s preservative-free and will leave your skin absolutely stunning.

5. iPad Mini

Between traveling, school, and other activities, I like to keep my iPad mini nearby to watch movies and catch up on my favorite shows. It’s perfect for passing those long dreaded layovers at airports too! Download your movies in advance to avoid boredom in no WIFI zones!

6. Crossbody Satchel

A teeny handbag to carry your essentials while you’re on the go is a must-have. Instead of relying on pockets, consider a cross-over satchel to avoid pickpockets during your getaway.

7. Versatile Clothing

To save more space in my carry-on, I prefer to plan out my outfits in advance. If you’re all about the travel experience, packing versatile clothing is a must. To make traveling light and easy, I like to pack 3 solid color t-shirts and 2 pair of pants (or jeans!) to compliment my tops. And for the finished look, I like to throw in a jean jacket to prepare myself for any last-minute weather conditions.

8. The Black Travel Box

No trip is complete without the Carry-On Black Travel Box Starter Pack. Pack light with natural hair and body essentials, like the Shea Butter Body, Hair Balm, Conditioner Bar, and Butter mint lip balm. Whether you’re traveling somewhere warm or cold, the Black Travel Box got you covered with their Carry-On Starter Pack!

Planning a trip soon? Carry these essentials for a more memorable experience!

Happy Traveling!


Raphaella Brice is a writer for travel blog SHUT UP AND GO, and is part of the podcast Black Attack.

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