Bey & Jay Photo Inspo

Bey & Jay Photo Inspo

Our Fav IG photos sparked by Beyonce & Jay Z

Guest Writer: Delicia Smith

Travel is a growing popular hobby among the black community as we are traveling to further destinations. According to a study black travel alone generated 63 billion within the United States travel and tourism economy in 2018, yas we are going places! Black pop culture also has a hand in this black travel phenomenon taking place, Beyonce created plenty of Queen Bee buzz last year with the her video “Apeshit” filmed at the Louvre. Tourism bumped a whole 25% since 2017, the Louvre credits the power couple Beyonce and Jay Z for their poplar contribution. The influence “Apeshit” being filmed in the Louvre has had on the black community is that we have the right to be in any space as we please. Here are some of our favorite dope shots of black travelers at the Lourve.

Instagram: kendragmedia

Pretty in pink! Giving us major groovy vibes in this vibrant electric pink, the Louvre is the perfect back drop to make that color pop.


Instagram: vandovarela5

Serving up all types of Wakanda vibes in front of the Mona Lisa. We are bringing a bit of African fashion to the Lurve. Should have done the official Wakanda solute!


Instagram: the_glamazon_

 Paris is said to be one of the most romantic places on earth. Celebrating black love in my opinion brings romance to any scene.

Instagram: mahoganydoll

The Mona Lisa doesn’t need to be in focus with all this black girl magic in front. I think we know who is giving better face.


Instagram: jenaycamille

Just running the streets of Paris or runaway bride? We are loving this effortless flowing white dress.  


Instagram: justxna.chxoma

This electric blue pinstripe body suite pops and she is giving face! Remember Queens look back at the world, it can all be yours.  

Instagram: rhondaignites

The family that travels together stays together, no that didn’t necessarily rhyme. We are just here for everything that represents the black family unit. Shout out to mom for the dope trip!


Instagram: imlachanda

Can she be any cuter in her hot pink African print?! Yas queen do your strut and proudly wear your crown, your high puff gives us so much life!



There is plenty of GQ energy in this shot, the classic hand in one pocket. What lies behind those golden doors, could it be all the black men magic, yes black men have magic too! 

Instagram: _bwarii

She wore a raspberry beret….I know its white, song doesn’t work here. Girlfriend is giving attitude rocking that red coat, you better work!


Instagram: kenishabmcintosh

We love anything that portrays black joy!  Keep dancing like no one is watching, life is too short to not take advantage of the moment.

Instagram: msshanitad

Creating the illusion, we are touching the top of the Lourve is the touristy thing to do, but it’s still cute. From one diamond touching another, we are loving all that shimmer paired with denim.


Instagram: therealmichaelmcintyre

Just two love birds at the Lourve creating black magic and celebrating black love. Oh what a beautiful thing.

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