Adventure Awaits...

Life is a journey & experience is everything. There’s nothing more or less to it than that when it comes to the way the adventure seeker approaches travel. Hiking in Machu Picchu? Check. Diving in Galapagos? Check. Ziplining in Costa Rica? You’ve done that twice. The things that scare you are the things you’re most excited to do, & you’ve worked out a perfect low maintenance routine with products like Lip & Hair Balm at the center; making sure that nothing stands in the way of your good time!

Idea vacation is Bali

Your perfect vacation: ICELAND!

Have you ever explored a dormant volcano? You can in Iceland.

Thrihnukagigur, a destination dormant volcano in a nation with around 180 volcanoes is just one of the dormant magma chambers you can explore.  Sitting just on the edge of the Laugahraun lava field, it is a glacial paradise. Contemplate the changing environment on the 34 mile Laugavegur hiking trail, or maybe relax those legs in the geothermal springs.

Snorkelling & Scuba Diving in Silfra Fissure is a must. The waters are famous for their crystal-clear visibility (you can usually see up to 100m), dramatic underwater geology & green “troll hair” algae. 

Cruise the countryside in an ATV & explore various icy terrain. Just pick the area you’d most like to see & go! Iceland’s waters are almost tailor made for outdoor activities like white water rafting & whale watching, & the scenery of thousand year old glaciers is nothing short of incredible. 

Iceland is among the top destinations for catching aurora borealis, yet another rare experience to make sure not to miss out on as you take in the nature around you. 

Your Go To Hairstyle

You may or may not decide to add a little something for length, but regardless, protective styles like braids or locs (natural or faux) are no brainer for you. They last long, they’re relatively low maintenance, & there are nearly endless variations to tailor to your taste & destination. 

They also encourage the hair to grow!

Because they are so time consuming & can also be expensive, you’re likely to keep them up beyond the trip, saving you a little time in your daily routine when it’s time to get back to the grind.


Your Perfect Travel partner

Black Travel Box® Hair Balm is amazing for sealing & protecting the hair, holding in moisture in a gulf warmed climate like Iceland’s, or Houston’s for that matter, & it’s also great for relieving itchy scalp, which tends to happen with braids.

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Travel Crush Tuesday: Mariame

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