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The Sight Seer

You live for visiting famous places around the world. From the Pyramids of Giza, to the Louvre, & even the location where Game of Thrones was filmed, when you think of where to travel, you think of the places you grew up seeing in books, the places that serve as a backdrop to your favorite stories told through film, the places where it’ll be mandatory to pack a camera. 

Your Perfect Vacation: Greece

From beach clubs to architecture Santorini is a favorite among travelers to Greece, and it’s likely to be your favorite too.

Make sure to get your own 'gram worthy flying dress photo while in Santorini. Local photography studios provide inclusive packages, so all you have to bring is yourself and your man (if a cameo is your preference), and they take care of everything from makeup to wardrobe.

Enjoy it, and be brave about asking your fellow travelers to help you get a shot if you’re short on company or a professional.

Your Go-To Hairstyle: Senegalese Twists

Make an effortless statement with something low maintenance but extremely beautiful, like waist length senegalese twists. Pack a gel of choice & a toothbrush to keep your baby hairs looking like an asset & be sure to bring the right products for keeping the scalp clean & moisturised. 

Senegalese twists can easily be styled in a variety of ways to look great in all your photos, & serving as a protective style that helps with hair growth is always a positive. 

Your Perfect Travel Partner: Body Balm

From sholuders, knees, and down to your toes keep your glow up with BlackTravelBox® Body Balm. You’ve paid for the dress, the photographer, and the hair. Of course you’re going to make sure to keep your melanated skin at its best with a product rich in naturally moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil, mango and shea butters.


BlackTravelBox® hair and skincare products are made for life on the go, with travel friendly packaging and formulations that make packing, carrying (on), and using them simple and easy. It's luxe beauty, made for us by us.