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Your Profile is...

The Socialite

You’ve been bad and bougie way before it was in a cool rap song. It’s a lifestyle. Whatever you paid to put this trip together, everything is topnotch, and that includes you. You’ve put together your quality designer pieces, styled everything perfectly, and brushed up on your conversational French.

You’re ready for late nights out & slow mornings of luxrious sunshine and breakfast cocktails.

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Your Perfect Vacation: Paris, France

Shop and be seen on the Champs Elysees, or head out to the French countryside to take a walk through the lavender field in Provence. Both are great opportunities to enjoy the scenery and have your own paparazzi photo shoot, so come dressed to slay!

Your Go-To Hairstyle: The Silk Press

You’re going to a trusted stylist at home prior to boarding any planes, and you’re getting the blowout of your dreams. The one you see when you close your eyes and visualize yourself skipping the line at that exclusive Parisian nightclub, the one that gets your hair ready to blow in the wind while you sit and talk to a French cutie by the Senne. 

Your Perfect Travel Partner: Carry On Starter Kit

The BlackTravelBox® Carry-On Starter Kit  comes with everything. You’ll get our mini sized Body and Hair Balms, bars for shampooing and conditioning, and a lip balm always on deck. So if any quick changes are necessary, you’re ready to make them and look your best when you do.


BlackTravelBox® hair and skincare products are made for life on the go, with travel friendly packaging and formulations that make packing, carrying (on), and using them simple and easy. It's luxe beauty, made for us by us.