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Your Profile is...

The Meditator

You love to remain unbothered and stay grounded through the mess. For you, meditation can happen anywhere, but a dedicated getaway always feels like exactly what you need. Starting your day with a seat & silence on the beach, feeling your center in a steam room or on a massage table, & soaking in a hot spring is your idea of the perfect vacay day, & you deserve it all.

Your Perfect Vacation: Bali

Bali is a perfect place to find tranquility and a turn-up. There’s no shortage of yoga studios on the islands, and the same goes for beach clubs. You could spend days in Bali going to a new one of each... maybe you will? 

Visit the coastal town of Padangbai for beaches less littered with tourists and their trash. This is where you want to go to get Instagram worthy shots in spaces that are beautiful both in & out of frame. Whether or not you're the diving and snorkeling type, the clear blue waters are worth traveling for.

Your Go-To Hairstyle:

Braids are the classic that are here to stay, & low maintenance looks that translate a fabulous style.

Just pick the length, thickness, & style. And if you're short on time, a crochet set can have you looking great in a flash.

Like most styles, you’ll want to protect your hair with a satin cap or a silk pillowcase, invest in an oil or anti-itch spray, & get yourself some gel & a toothbrush if baby hairs are your thing.

Your Perfect Travel Partner: Body Balm

Our BlackTravelBox® Body Balm takes your daily moisturizing routine to the next level. Reach for this African shea butter based moisturizer as soon as you leave the shower, add & seal moisture, & hit the beach & the bars with legs, shoulders, & everybit of visible skin poppin. Coconut & mango oils in Body Balm come together to highlight your natural glow & nourish your skin.


BlackTravelBox® hair and skincare products are made for life on the go, with travel friendly packaging and formulations that make packing, carrying (on), and using them simple and easy. It's luxe beauty, made for us by us.