Hey ThirdLove Friends! You've tried our Body Balm samples. Ready for the full-sized product?

Who we are

From the ground up, we have redefined how people travel with their beauty kits.

As a globally recognized, multi-cultural lifestyle brand, we aim to provide travelers with products tailored to their hair and skin care needs.

redefining travel beauty kits Our products are in solid form making it a breeze to carry through the TSA checks.

Purpose-driven & convenient

You won't be dealing with the stress of the TSA screenings anymore.

No liquid restrictions or the embarrassment of having your bag searched. Our products are in solid form, making it a breeze to carry through the TSA checks.

no damaged hair or dry ashy skin with BlackTravelBox hair and skin care products

The new way

Dry skin and damaged hair from hotel products is a thing of the past.

No more dry, damaged hair or ashy skin. Our inclusive formulations allow traveling without worrying about the adverse effects of cheap products on their hair and skin.

Going beyond

We go beyond great quality and offer products that truly last.

Our concentrated, water-free products last up to 4-5 times longer than travel-sized liquid bottles, saving money and making your travel an absolute breeze.

Focusing on our community

We are for the culture, by the culture, bringing you an authentic experience.

As a Black woman-owned company, our brand is authentic and culturally rooted. We offer a genuine experience tailored to our culture.

We ensure that our customers enjoy every minute of their travel.

100% money back guarantee

The best part, we offer a risk free purchase.

If you have a change of heart, no problem! Send us back any unused product for a full refund.