10 Apps for Stress-Free Travel

10 Apps for Stress-Free Travel

The 10 Best Free Mobile Apps for Stress-Free Travel

Guest Writer: Stephanie Maisonneuve

Travel agent who? In 2019 we are collecting (more) passport stamps, planning our own stress-free vacations, and doing it all on a budget! You don’t even have to look far to get started. Whether you are #teamapple or #teamandroid, you have all the best apps right at your fingertips to help you plan your next getaway and keep your costs and anxiety low. Because all your time and coins are for experiences. Get your passport ready, we have round up the 10 best free mobile travel apps to help you plan amazing trips this year and save you money and your sanity.


No list is complete without Skyscanner so we will dive right into it. This easy to use app is a must. It allows you to search for affordable flights, hotels, and car rentals with a quick-glance comparison feature. You can select specific dates or compare the whole month. Set up price alerts and get notified when prices change, and even record your frequent flier numbers. Feeling adventurous? You don’t even need to have a destination in mind. Just put in your departing airport and type in “Everywhere” as your destination. Skyscanner will list all the places you can visit starting with the cheapest. This is our first stop whenever we even start thinking about taking a vacation.

Download here for:


Google Trips


Got a Gmail account? Google Trips is a one stop trip planner. It will automatically organize your reservations and travel plans in one place. It then maps out your days with suggestions of things to do and see. With features such as trip itineraries, it will help you maximize your days so you can do as much as possible without much planning on your end. It offers tips on where to eat, where to stay, and essential information about hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. It even has a discount section to help you save money on tours and activities, transportation, and food. Best part? You can use it offline. 

Download here for:




Not sure of the best way to get to your destination? Enters Rome2rio. Rome2rio searches any city or address across the world to provide you with the best routes to get from point A to point B. Whether you’re traveling by plane, bus, boat, car, ferry, on foot or donkey, use Rome2rio to compare your transportation options based on price and duration. You can also purchase tickets directly on the app and store them all in one place. Rome2rio promises that you’ll travel quicker, smarter, and cheaper. 

Download here for:


Mobile Passport Control


You don’t have to pay for Global Entry which currently runs you $100 every five years. Download Mobile Passport for free99 and start breezing through the airport quicker than you can say TSA. No more having to ask your seatmate for a pen to fill out those immigration forms. Quickly fill out the questions on your screen and zoom through. Mobile Passport is currently accepted at 3 cruise ports and 25 airports.

Download here for:


Google Translate


More Google? Shoot your shot in a foreign language, or ask for important stuff like directions to your hotel. Either way, Google Translate to the rescue! Straightforward text translation of 103 languages with the ability to download 59 for offline usage. 37 languages give you the ability to take photos of signs, and 32, allows you to draw images on the screen, which will then be translated into text. It also lets you save select words and phrases for easy reference and hold two-way conversations in 32 languages.

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Thought Instagram was just for pretty pictures? Turn all that time you spend liking and browsing the gram into connecting with other travelers. Engage and ask questions about destinations you’re heading to. Traveling solo? Make new friends and possibly meet up for some night outings when you don’t want to be alone. Instagram is like your favorite travel blog where people share insider tips such as what time you should get to a particular location to beat the tourist crowd and get great crowd-free pictures. Simply search using hashtags, and you’re well on your way.

Download here for:


WiFi Map


We are all in this together so let’s help each other stay plugged in. That’s pretty much the premise of WiFi Map. WiFi Map’s goal is to give everyone access to free internet all over the world. How is it working to achieve this? By allowing people to upload WiFis across the globe and creating a network of free WiFi services with passwords and other tips from its millions of users. From busy cities, airports, small towns, villages, and remote areas, save your data, avoid roaming charges and stay connected while exploring the world. Download the app below and don’t forget to contribute!

Download here for:




Between Hopper and Skyscanner you’ll never have to spend crazy amounts of money on plane tickets ever again. With Hopper you can search for the cheapest dates to travel with one extra bonus; this app will actually let you know when you should purchase your flight ticket. Choose to buy tickets right way or keep watching, and Hopper will notify you of the perfect time to purchase your flight for the lowest price. The choice is yours, choose wisely. 

Download here for:


Seat Guru


Don’t want to get stuck next to lavatory on an airplane? Want to make sure that your seat is really a window seat? Download the Seat Guru app. This app provides detailed information about seats on hundreds of flights. Simply type in the airline, date of your departure, and flight number or route. The seat maps are color coded with the good seats in green and bad seats in red. The app also lets you know about in-flight amenities, seat specifications, and other tips.  Users can upload photos and reviews of the aircrafts such as AC Power not working in seat 33A or no audio in seat 25F. Never select an airplane seat again without checking with Seat Guru.

Download here for:


Airline Apps

In addition to all the apps we’ve discussed, we highly recommend that you download the airline app(s) that you will be using to travel. Delta, United, Southwest, American, JetBlue, you name it, they have an app. You can use airline apps to check-in your flights, select your seats, download e-boarding passes, monitor and pay for your luggage(s), and get notifications of gate changes or delays. For the countries that require paper boarding passes, the apps will prompt you. Waiting in line at airports are a thing of the past. Let airline apps make your travels smoother. They are available for download on iOS and Android.

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