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Black Travel Communities

Black Travel Communities

March 07, 2019

6 Black Travel Groups You Should Join To Stack Those Passport Stamps

Guest Writer: Stephanie M.

The travel industry has historically excluded black travelers from the travel space. One Google search will reap results that will have you think all travelers are young, white, and blond. Enters the black travel movement to show us that the opposite is true. We are traveling in record numbers whether solo or in groups, and we are doing it our way. And the coins prove it too. Black travelers spend a whopping 50 billion dollars every year traveling internationally and domestically. And when the travel industry failed to acknowledge us, we created platforms to show the world that we are indeed here.

That’s where black travel groups come in. Online black travel groups are spaces where we can talk about our experiences, share travel tips, curate trips, and see travelers who look like us. Utilizing Facebook and Instagram, black travel groups have placed black travelers on the map with no end in sight. Not familiar with these groups? Check out six black travel groups that you should join to stack those passport stamps.


Nomadness Travel Tribe



We begin with Nomadness Travel Tribe. Founded in 2011 by Evita Robinson, what was once a YouTube vlogging series now boast a Facebook family-by-choice of over 20,000 members. And family by choice it is, you will not find a tighter group of travelers coming together to help each other in times of crisis, meet up in all parts of the world, travel together, and become lifelong friends. Combined, Tribe members have visited every country in the world. If you’re part of Tribe, you’ll never be alone. To become a member and join the Facebook community, you’ll need at least one passport stamp and to complete the Newbie Bootcamp. Once in, you’ll enjoy yearly travel conferences, group trips, workshops and events, and best of all, the dopest most well-traveled friends.


Up In The Air Life



Looking for more luxurious experiences? Let Up In The Air Life whisk you away. Up In The Air Life or UITAL, connects travelers through luxurious travel experiences and creates lifetime memories. From luxury mega yachts in Croatia to champagne and cognac tastings tours in France; it’s founder Claire Soares, spares no expense. She wants to show you the finer side of travel. Up in the Air Life focuses on all the details to bring you extravagant experiences all over the globe. Just show up and let them do the rest. To learn more, visit the UITAL website and join their Facebook group.


Tastemakers Africa


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• shout out to Shannon and Maziel • Thank you @shanboogs and @the.lions.butterfly for choosing to go deeper in Joburg with us. We’re glad you enjoyed “cornbread and greens: jozi style” with @vivasage - you were such a pleasure to host. If you’re curious about what a tastemakers experience is like, swipe left to read Shannon and Maziel’s review of their experience last weekend in Johannesburg. ____________________ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ TASTEMAKERS AFRICA is an online platform that connects you to experiences hosted and created by local insiders in Accra, Cape Town, and Johannesburg. Visit tastemakersafrica.com to access 100+ day tours, events, and group trips that take you inside Africa’s cities, authentically. Questions about our experiences? Slide in our DM’s or email us at hello@tastemakersafrica.com

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Think that Africa is all about safaris and huts? Let Tastemakers Africa show you something different. After hearing all the misconceptions about traveling to African countries, Cherae Robinson wanted to change the narrative and bring the focus on locals and everything else that Africa has to offer. Tastemakers Africa connects travelers with curated itineraries designed by locals and creates experiences that focus on engaging with the culture and its people through art, music, and unbeaten paths. With trips to South Africa, Ghana, Rwanda, and Nigeria, Tastemakers Africa is your go to travel app and travel group for authentic, one of a kind, motherland excursions. You can find them on Facebook or visit their website. And remember to “Travel Africa, Skip Mediocre.”


Sisters Traveling Solo


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All 24 of our Sisters have made it to Tanzania for our 3rd cultural experience trip to Africa. Our cultural experiences are not only a true cultural experience (not touristy), but we ONLY give our money to a tour company ran by a woman, who is also a native of the Country we are visiting. That woman is pictured in the purple dress kneeing. #TravelingWithAPurpose _ Ill add that the feeling of being amongst like minded Sisters, experiencing another culture is so great. I have gotten to experience the vibe of traveling with Sisters on 12 STS group trips so far and its just a great feeling thats hard to get with anywhere. There is something about being with like minded Sisters that cant be duplicated. _ 2020 trips are coming...... www.sisterstravelingsolo.com

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Sisters Traveling Solo (STS) is an all women traveling group created to empower women of color to travel solo. But don’t let the name fool you, if solo travel isn’t your thang, these sisters also curate groups trips to help you see the world with other amazing women in tow. Their mission is to inspire, connect, empower, and support sisters all over the world. STS is not just about jet setting the world, as a member you will be giving back by supporting local women as you roam the world and help support the brand’s mission of getting passports into the hands of more U.S. citizens, especially those of color. Browse their website for more details and join the Facebook group.


Bucket List Beasts



Like adventure and living your life to the fullest? Bucket List Beasts (BLB) may just be the travel group for you. Created by Sonjia Lioness Mackey, Bucket List Beasts is for anyone whose middle name is YOLO. From bungee jumping to diving with great white sharks and drinking shots of cobra blood, you’ll have no shortage of heart pounding fun. But that’s not all, if you’re brave enough sign up for a mystery trip to an unknown destination, BLB has got you covered. Join a group of adventuristas on a secret trip where you’ll only find out about your location when you arrive at the airport. Excited yet? Pack appropriately and get your life by joining the Facebook group and following them on Instagram.


Black & Abroad



And just when you were wondering where the black men were, founders Kent Johnson and Eric Martin bring you Black & Abroad. With a vision of seeing more of us exploring the world, these brothas created a brand to showcase black travelers doing just that, and they did it loud and proud. You’ve probably seen those dope Black & Abroad shirts while scrolling through your Instagram feed. I know I had to cop a few. From dope gears to curated trips, Black & Abroad keep it all the way black by taking you to destinations celebrating the black experience like Senegal, Ghana, and Palenque, Colombia.

These six black travel groups are here to settle the myth that black people do not travel once and for all, and let us know that the black travel movement is here to stay. Representing for the tribe, for the bourgeois, the soloist, and the adventurists, we go everywhere, and there’s a black travel group for it all.

Featured image by Mohau Mannathoko

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