Travel Crush Tuesday: Evani Hawkins

Travel Crush Tuesday: Evani Hawkins

Travel Crush Tuesday: Evani Hawkins

Photo Source: Evani Hawkins and Instagram



Welcome to Travel Crush Tuesday!

We know the last month or so has been challenging and given stress and angst of being inside we wanted to inspire and give a taste of what will come again. So we're highlighting some of the most beautiful, interesting, and unique travelers in our community. Their photos hopefully give us a little taste of that travel lifestyle we love and encouragement that once the world heals, we can go out there again and explore.

Evani Hawkins, A.K.A EvaniwithaV, is a beauty vlogger and avid traveler from Atlanta. When she's not sharing the best tips and tutorials for growing luscious, healthy hair, Evani shares gorgeous shots from her travels abroad. 

We chatted with Evani recently as she shared her favorite travel and beauty hacks.


What’s been your favorite place you've traveled to?


What do you love most about travel?

Actually I don't like traveling itself, but I do like getting there! lol I mostly enjoy the authentic foods of the country and talking to locals about their culture so then I can find even better restaurants and authentic cultural experiences. Also beaches, if applicable because I love being in or near the water and pictures for the memories!




What was your experience like the first time you traveled abroad?

First time I traveled abroad was to Cabo, Mexico after my freshman year of college with my friends and it was very luxurious! The resort I was on was amazing and the staff was extremely accommodating! I found that "resort culture" was pretty Americanized but still amazing. Everything was much more affordable and I met people from all over the world! Lots of different languages were spoken and experiences were had (especially things I couldn't do back home) Meeting people from all walks of life was very intriguing along with the authentic food and indigenous animals.

What are your must-haves in your carry-on?

All essentials I would need for at least 1 day without my checked suitcases in case it arrives late and then RFID wallet, concealer that matches my skin tone, hair ties, neck pillow, jacket/sweater, extra pair of socks, and a fully charged external battery pack with corresponding USB cords.




Do you have any tips for keeping your hair beautiful and healthy on the go?

Pick a protective style that will last at least the whole vacation if not longer, and one that does not put a lot of tension on your edges especially but any part of your hair in general. Also if your hair gets wet in the protective style with sand and salt water then bring a cheap conditioner in travel size versions to co-wash and get it out b/c salt will dry out your hair.

What’s your secret to taking such gorgeous shots when you travel? 

Find someone who can capture the right angle for you, if you are solo, then bring a tripod and remote and be familiar enough with the camera BEFORE going on vacation.

What's your go-to travel hack?

Visit everywhere with an open mind!


Where to Find Evani

Check out Evani's Instagram and Youtube channel.


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