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Travel Crush Tuesday: Fly With Queenie

Travel Crush Tuesday: Fly With Queenie

Travel Crush Tuesday: Fly with Queenie

Photo Source: Chanice Williams (Queenie) and Instagram



Welcome to Travel Crush Tuesday!

We know the last month or so has been challenging and given stress and angst of being inside we wanted to inspire and give a taste of what will come again. So we're highlighting some of the most beautiful, interesting, and unique travelers in our community. Their photos hopefully give us a little taste of that travel lifestyle we love and encouragement that once the world heals, we can go out there again and explore.

This week we're excited to feature Chanice "Queenie" Williams. This gorgeous travel blogger has wowed us with her beautiful shots from all over the world. Her passion for travel is evident by her Instagram, blog, and other projects. Queenie Co-Founded Black Millenial Travels, a group highlighting travelers of color on Instagram and hosts "Sip n' Trip" Brunches in different cities. 

Keep reading to discover Queenie's best travel hacks and beauty tips on the go.


What’s been your favorite place you've traveled to?

My favorite place so far is Cuba! I really enjoyed my time there the locals were very welcoming and I know it’s a hit or miss with the food but luckily the majority of the food that I had was good. There were lots to do the weather was nice and I had so many opportunities to indulge in the rich culture that they have there. The price for food and for other things was good... I mean who doesn’t like going to a country where your money goes far. I think it had a little bit of everything that I look for when I travel which includes nightlife excursions beach good food and more.

What do you love most about travel?

The ability to escape reality for a period of time and connect with yourself and grow is the best part of traveling for me. It really does something to the soul so it’s something I can honestly never get tired of.



What was your experience like the first time you traveled abroad? 

The first time I traveled abroad I was a baby I was back-and-forth from Jamaica to the US very very frequently and live there and went to school so for me I was used to the plane and used to traveling back-and-forth.

Are there certain things POC should keep in mind when traveling abroad?

I think we should keep in mind that there are people who have never seen a person of color in real life so they should prepare for stares or for people to ask to touch their hair or take photos with them. They should also be aware of any laws that they may have, which would be fine in the United States but not there, because it would be the worst thing to get locked up abroad. There is a country where alcohol is not allowed so imagine never researching the laws and showing up to the country with a bottle in your check-in bag. The dress code is another thing we just have to be respectful of other cultures so researching ahead is very crucial.

How does traveling affect your mental health and emotional wellbeing?

Mentally I’m as happy as can be when I travel. From the moment I step foot on the airport to start my journey, I’m on cloud nine. It puts me back in my happy place and any stress or worry I had literally gets thrown out the window!



What's your favorite travel hack?

My favorite travel hack is to be flexible because of your ability to be flexible and make the difference between paying an arm and a leg to travel or paying very little. I never really search for my next destination based on specific dates I see what dates are the cheapest to fly and that’s how I choose because I’d rather pay very little so I can have more vacations been spending too much on one trip.

What's the next stamp you're hoping to add to your passport?

If Corona acts right, my next destination will be somewhere in Central America. Maybe Honduras or Guatemala. 


Where to Find Queenie

Check out Queenie's Instagram and Blog.


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 Here are some more of our favorite travelers and their gorgeous shots.





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