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Travel Crush Tuesday: Kisha

Travel Crush Tuesday: Kisha

Travel Crush Tuesday: Kisha

Photo Source: Kisha and Instagram

Welcome to Travel Crush Tuesday!

This week we're crushing on Kisha! This Canadian citizen and travel blogger loves to visit far flung places like Cabo, Paris, Costa Rica, and more. She's been to 13 countries, 16 states, and 7 provinces… with no signs of stopping.

But it's the photos of her native Canada that got our attention. Beautiful mountains and streams? Check. Warm sunny beaches? Check. Luscious vineyards? Check. Elegant architecture? Check. We could go on and on. But instead we leave you with this fun interview and lots of yummy travel photos. 


Describe the most memorable trip you've been on? What made it special?

My most memorable trip was to Santorini, Greece in 2016 as I have never been to a place so beautiful in my life. I literally felt like I was living in a postcard. The people were very nice, the architecture was stunning, the food was delicious and the VIEWS were amazing !!! My trip to Greece was special to me as it was my first time traveling to Europe and it exceeding my expectations on every level. The pictures I looked at prior to my trip did not do Santorini justice. If you ever get a chance to go to Santorini, you have to check out a sunset in OIA, it was the prettiest sunset I have ever seen. That was the first time in my life that I felt extremely free and relaxed.

What’s your advice for first time travelers?

I would tell them to make sure they do their research! Read reviews/blogs and follow up with friends or family that have travelled to the location. It is always great to travel to a new place but your safety is also very important especially when traveling solo.  HAVE FUN, EXPLORE & TAKE A LOT OF PICTURES !!!

What’s your favorite travel hack?


I have three favorite travel hacks:

1. Using packing cubes as they save so much space in your luggage. By using my packing cubes, I am able to travel very minimally with a carry on and backpack. Which means I save on paying the luggage fee at the airport. That's 30-60$ extra I save for food and fun!

2. Collecting soap/lotion from my hotel stays. As I only pack carry on luggage, I cannot take my regular soap/lotions that are over 100ml. Therefore, I save the ones I collect and pack them in with my other toiletries.

3. I love collecting airline points such as Aeroplan/Delta Skymiles for free flights. By collecting points over the years, I have had several free flights. 

What’s your secret to taking such gorgeous shots when you travel?


It is all about the angles! LOL no...literally. The majority of my photos are taken with my iPhone. I like to play with the settings and I have learned different angles to get the perfect shot. When I am traveling with someone, I guide them on how to take pictures of me or I ask a random stranger that I can outrun to snap a few shots lol.

What has traveling taught you?

Traveling has taught me that it is important to take time for yourself. Traveling is a time for me to get away from my regular busy life and to really focus on my health; physical and mental. I am a big advocate of self-care and when I am traveling I love to take advantage of having free time and exploring new cultures/experiences.   

Where else can folks find you Kisha?

They can check out my travel blog.

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