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Travel Crush Tuesday: Nishantely

Travel Crush Tuesday: Nishantely

Travel Crush Tuesday: Nishantely

Photo Source: Nishantely and Instagram


Welcome to Travel Crush Tuesday!

We'd like to introduce you to Nishantely. This gorgeous island girl resides in Curaçao. Her gorgeous travel shots have us in a major state of wanderlust. Check out Nishantely's Instagram for yourself, you'll be crushing on her too.

Want to learn more about Nishantely and her island adventures? Keep reading below.



What’s been your favorite place you've traveled to?

I haven’t traveled to a lot of places because of work but I do travel around my island Curacao- and my favorite place here is Playa Piskado. But my favorite place til now has to be Bonaire.

What do you love most about travel?

The new experience, going to get to know new places and its history (I’m a sucker for history, I love it so much) and the best part is I get to meet new people, make new friends.





How would you describe your travel style?

Really fun and cute with a lot of colors.


What was your experience like the first time you traveled abroad?

I was so excited I couldn’t even sleep the day before. It was so long that I didn’t travel, 10 years to be exact, I was counting down the days. I took pictures since I arrived at the airport til I was back home. I will never forget that feeling, and that feeling comes back every time when I get to travel abroad.



Are there certain things POC should keep in mind when traveling abroad?

Before going, do some research first. I saw if there are rules… just follow them. If there’s a problem, try to stay calm. Always have a camera/phone ready in case you’re in danger or there’s a problem. Always let someone close to you (but who is not there with you) know where you are. And always have fun. Enjoy every single minute of it. And of course, travel safe.


How has travel affected you on an emotional or spiritual level?

It has triggered my emotional side and my spiritual side ever much It has let me feel for others than me, like imagine me in their situation or shoes. And it gives me so much respect for Mother Nature.

Once this (COVID-19 Pandemic) is over, where are you traveling to first?

I’m planning to go to Aruba.


Where to Find Nishantely

Check out Nishantely's Instagram.


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