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Travel Crush Tuesday: Regina

Travel Crush Tuesday: Regina

Travel Crush Tuesday: Regina F.

Photo Source: Regina F. and Instagram

Welcome to Travel Crush Tuesday!

As I read Regina's blog I can't help but identify with her and the beginning of her travel journey. When making travel a lifestyle, there is the fear of having to take the leap and book that flight, your loved ones may not fully understand your want to travel, and you may feel alone in this experience. To Regina and all our readers who are here or have been there, you are not alone. 

Read on if you would like to know how Regina overcame her travel journey jitters, where she's been since, where she intends to go next and her best piece of travel advice.


What made you make the move to live in Japan full time?


I moved to Japan in February 2020. The previous year I had gotten laid off from my job and decided to spend two months abroad. After that, things were never the same.

I saw the world completely different. I realized that I only have but so much time here on this earth to see as much as I can. When I returned, everything just seems so mundane. I had a job I was good at but everyday that I went to work a part of me wanted to be somewhere else.

Eventually, I put a lot of thought into where I could live abroad. I looked at things such as cost of living, work-life balance, salaries, the black experience and company culture.

I decided on Japan because I felt that they have a very rich culture with many places to see. It also helped that [the job I interviewed for] assured me I would be in an environment that would allow me time to enjoy the country [due to their] laid back company culture.

[Now] I work at a school that teaches English to children of all ages and adults. My classes are small children, teenagers and adults. [The company I work for] has several locations and I love that I get to work in different locations everyday.


How many countries have you been to and which one was your favorite? Why?


I have been to fifteen countries so far, but only seven as a solo traveler! I love Italy, specifically the Amalfi Coast. The food, the wine, the weather... it’s just something out of a fairytale.

I particularly enjoyed the island of Procida off the coast of Naples. Winding streets and colorful coastal towns have always been my favorite places.

If you ever take the time to visit the Amalfi Coast I suggest taking in the views from Ravello and visiting Marisa Cuomo winery in Furore.

What has been something that has surprised you when traveling the world?


Something that has surprised me when traveling the world is just the daily lives of people.

I’ve worked with dairy farmers who produce milk for their whole town, farmers who thrive on their homemade compotes from their berry farms and even goat herders that make a living following their goats with months of no human contact.

I was surprised to learn how different but similar we all are. What we do to make a living is different, where we live is different—but we all are connected by a curiosity about the world of others.


What was the best piece of travel advice you've ever received?


The world is vast. Life is too short to not venture somewhere because the flight is longer than three hours. You’re missing out on new experiences that can shape you as a person.


When travel is possible, where is the first place you're going?


When travel is possible, I’m dying to visit South Korea. I really want to try the street food and visit Gamcheon Culture Villagein Busan.

Where else can folks find you?


My website is and I’m on YouTube as Whereshemaygo.

My blog is under construction but you can see posts about some of my travels, how I budgeted for them and the kinds of experiences I had. In the future I plan to add tours and trips to help you prepare for your next vacation.

My YouTube channel has some of my favorite experiences from around the world on it. People often ask me how I plan my trips. I research and spend some time writing down my itinerary so everything you see was planned by me.

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