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Travel Crush Tuesday: Shanae

Travel Crush Tuesday: Shanae

Travel Crush Tuesday: Shanae

Photo Source: Shanae and Instagram


Welcome to Travel Crush Tuesday!

We'd like to introduce you to Shanae, AKA Naetravels. This traveler vlogger has wowed us with her gorgeous shots and fun videos from her adventures abroad. As she describes herself, Shanae is a "globe-trotter inspiring others to embrace their adventurous side."

Keep reading to hear more about her jet setting experiences and what to pack in your carry-on.


What do you love most about travel?

We all need to fall off the grid and escape reality every once in a while. Our daily lives can become repetitive and predictable. Therefore, from time to time I crave new and spontaneous experiences, and traveling lets me tap into those cravings. Travel allows me to do something different and exciting that I normally couldn’t do at home. Stepping away from my daily routine every now and then to take on a new adventure makes life more interesting and exhilarating.


What’s been your favorite place you've traveled to?

Choosing a favorite travel destination has to be one of the toughest questions for travelers to answer. Like how does sandboarding in Dubai, snorkeling in The Philippines, and visiting The Taj Mahal all compete with one another. However, I would have to say London, the UK is my favorite by far because of the memories. 

Besides being amazed by British architecture, accent, and culture London was my most memorable trip for so many reasons. Firstly, this was my first international trip without my family (so I felt grown grown). Not to mention, it was my first time across The Atlantic ( I was amazed by literally everything). Secondly, I traveled with two of my closest friends that ensured we all made the most of our trip.

London gave us complete anonymity. It allowed us the absolute freedom to live in the moment. What made London so memorable for me was how carefree we all were. There was no set plans/agenda for what we were going to do. We were truly just going with the flow and living our best lives.




Are there certain things POC should keep in mind when traveling abroad?

Traveling as a black woman can be challenging and overwhelming at times. When I first began traveling solo I was scared to think about how people in different parts of the world would receive me as a black woman. As a tourist more than likely, you’re on a quest to indulge in ultimate relaxation (at least that’s the case for me). Therefore, when confronted by uncomfortable situations surrounding your skin color it can dampen the vacay mood.

While you're traveling, do not be surprised that people may not know the appropriate things to say or do around a person of color ( for example, touching your hair). With that being said, it is not your responsibility to educate them, after all, you are on vacation and deserve to enjoy your trip. Keep in mind, that when visiting cities/countries where there are very few people of color you can sometimes become a tourist attraction and draw attention to yourself without even realizing it. People are constantly amazed by my skin color, body, and especially my hair and would either take a picture of me or ask to take a picture with me.


How would you describe your travel style?

I would describe my travel style as ‘backpacker meets luxury’. I love the social aspects and cost-effectiveness of backpacking. Therefore, sometimes I prefer longer flights, sleeping in budget-friendly hostels, and using public transportation. However, from time to time I enjoy more comfort and luxury, so I splurge a little on nice hotels and rental cars. It’s important to have balance!




What’s a must-have you keep in your carry-on?

Deciding on what to pack in my carry-on is super important. You never know when your checked baggage may get lost or your flight gets delayed. Having a well-packed carry-on can make a difference in those unexpected moments. My #1 must-have to keep in my carry-on is a toothbrush and toothpaste, especially for those long flights! Here’s a list of other must-haves that I also include in my carry-on:


  • Deodorant

  • Sanitary napkins (females)

  • Underwear (change of clothes if possible)

  • Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer

  • Mini first-aid kit

  • Power bank and chargers

  • Book to read

  • Lip balm

  • Pain relievers / Aspirin

  • A light snack (for example a granola bar)


What’s your favorite travel hack?

My favorite travel hack is 'winter traveling'. I live in Canada and traveling outside of the country is expensive. Therefore, traveling during low tourist season saves me a few bucks on flights. Most people travel/ go on vacation during the summer months, so flight tickets are usually higher during that time. However, during the winter season flight tickets are cheaper and the joys of being able to skip out on a few snow days are incomparable!


What’s your secret to taking such gorgeous shots when you travel?

My secret is my iPhone X and great travel companions that don’t mind being my personal photographer now and then.


Where to Find Shanae

Check out Shanae's Instagram and Youtube channel.


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