Travel Crush Tuesday: Sonchie

Travel Crush Tuesday: Sonchie

Travel Crush Tuesday: Sonchie

Photo Source: Sonchie and Instagram


Welcome to Travel Crush Tuesday!

We'd like to introduce you to Sonchie, AKA mz_davieso. She's a globe-trotting mental health practitioner and a contributor for the Project Everydaywoman. This girl is passionate about womanhood and adventure travel.

Keep reading to hear more about her traveling adventures and how to care for your mental health while abroad.


What do you love most about travel?

What I love most about travel are the experiences. There’s nothing like relying on Google Translate to get home or to find your next meal. It’s quite humbling and it provides a new perspective. 



What’s been your favorite place you've traveled to?

It’s a toss between Costa Rica and Cuba.

I love that in Costa Rica, you can go from lush rainforests, to white or black sand beaches, to mountains, to natural hot springs. I also love all that is Cuba! From the way of life, to the architecture and the old cars!

How has travel affected you on an emotional or spiritual level?

For me traveling, especially adventure and nature-driven travel, always centers me. It’s my reset button. My body may feel physically tired, but I tend to be in a better mood and headspace when I return from my trips.


Are there certain things POC should keep in mind when traveling abroad?

Get comfortable standing out, and be open-minded. You may very well be the only POC, depending on where you travel to. Don’t let that deter you, or make you feel uncomfortable. Get out and explore, mingle, relax, learn, or whatever you’re there to do!



How would you describe your travel style?

I like to keep things pretty simple. 

What’s your favorite travel hack?

I don’t know if this counts as a hack but I almost always travel with just a carryon and a backpack/tote. Hello personal item/additional space. I just love those huge tote bags. This is where I throw in things like my makeup bag, personal products, additional handbags, and at least an extra outfit-just in case!


Where to Find Sonchie

Check out Sonchie's Instagram and Project Everydaywoman page.


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