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Travel Crush Tuesday: Tasha

Travel Crush Tuesday: Tasha

Travel Crush Tuesday: Tasha

Photo Source: Tasha and Instagram

Welcome to Travel Crush Tuesday!

Perspective is everything! For many of us, we dream of more travel but are at a loss on how to get there. One is left thinking only travel influencers are able to travel as frequently as we wish to, but it's simply not the case.

Meet our TCT Tasha who combined her love of travel and helping others by becoming a traveling Occupational Therapist. Some perceived her decision to do so negatively, but her perception that the pros of her career outweighed the cons, afforded her the life she had always wanted. Speaking of perspective, Tasha's love of travel stems from the worldly outlook she gains from her experiences abroad. Tasha's point of view is both inspiring and contagious. We hope you will be inspired to check your perspective and think positively and creatively about how you might incorporate more travel in your life. We most certainly are.



Tell us about yourself! Who are you? Where are you from? What do you do? What inspires you to travel?

Hello! My name is Tasha. I’m originally from NYC, but I currently reside in Texas. My family is from Guyana (shot out to all the Caribbean girls)!

I am an Occupational Therapist (OT) by trade & a leisure traveler on my free time. Imagine waking up in the hospital & suddenly simple taskS are now impossible. You’re no longer able to hold a spoon to feed yourself, stand up to go to the bathroom, comb your hair, brush your teeth, or participate in your favorite hobby…This is where OT’s step in. As an OT I help injured, ill, or disabled patients, regain the strength/ability to carry out their daily activities. My goal is to help my patients rehabilitate to being as independent as possible, so that they can return to doing things most important to them after recovery.

I am inspired to travel by my drive to gain new experiences, embrace other cultures, & constantly push myself outside of my comfort zone. What I love most about traveling is that it really allows me to grow; it changes my thought process, my outlook, & gives me experiences that no one can take from me. Life is short, I’m just trying to see & do as much as I can while I’m here!



Most everyone dreams of incorporating more travel in their lives but get stuck trying to figure out a career that will allow for it. Could you tell us a little about being a traveling occupational therapist and how it really allows for frequent travel?

I was a traveling occupational therapist (OT) for 3 years. I recently decided to transition from travel therapy into a permanent position, to work towards some long-term career goals. When I graduated from school, many people tried to deter me from becoming a traveling OT, because of the instability/uncertainty that comes with this career path. However, exploring the unknown is a trait that many travelers share & one that attracted me to the field. I knew that being a traveling OT was the right choice for me because it allowed me to combine two things that I’m passionate about: helping others & traveling!

Travel therapist usually work short term contracts in areas that have a medical need or shortage. This allows therapist to move as often as 3 months, if they wish. Travel therapist also have the unique ability to work/live anywhere in the U.S.

Imagine working in your purpose & then having the opportunity to spend your off days exploring, road tripping to new cities, meeting new people, and hiking to breathtaking views. That’s the life of a travel OT in a nutshell. That period of my career really allowed me to embrace the travel lifestyle. No to mention I had the ability to take extended time off in-between work assignments, which was ideal for long trips & international travel.


With the world so vast and the possibilities endless, how do you decide where to go next?

 Sometimes I book my travel on a whim, based on my current mood. I also have a bucket list that I go through. I constantly research different destinations I’m interested in, mostly looking for places with unique experiences. At times, picking a new destination can simply come down checking out a current hot spot that has grabbed my attention on social media. When I book my trips I try to create a solid mix between culture, relaxation, luxury, & fun!



Where was your favorite travel destination and why?

I would say that one of my favorite travel destinations was India! It was the cultural immersion for me…Of course cute pics & luxury travel are cool, but let’s face it a majority of the countries we visit are third world or developing nations. I think it’s important that we at least try to give back to these communities, or leave with important life lessons after our travels.

I stayed in India for 1 month. During my trip I had the opportunity to participate in a community service project that included helping to build a home for a widowed family, teaching English/math, serving meals, & volunteering at local orphanages. During this trip I had the opportunity to live like a local, eat like a local, participate in cultural ceremonies, & even dress up in a custom-made Sari. Indian culture is so rich, from the food, to the music, the bold spices, the sacred traditions, and the spiritual beliefs.

When most people think of India, they automatically think of The Taj Mahal. However, India is huge. I was able to visit some other less popular but beautiful areas such as Karnataka & Kerala, which made me realize how much this country has to offer. I visited a city in Kerala called Alleppey. It’s known as the “Venice of the East.” It’s full of canals, beaches, shops, & restaurants. It gets this nickname because it’s basically on water, patrons mostly travel by boats to get around this beautiful city. Who would have thought this lush green paradise existed in India?!

Most importantly during my stay I met many people that had very little, yet they seemed so happy & content. I could truly see their faces light up with genuine joy from the smallest gifts (a toiletry item, pencil, small toy, piece of candy, etc.). This reminded me that happiness comes from within & not materialistic objects. This particular trip was life changing for me, because it taught me to always be humble & practice gratitude.



Where else can folks find you?

Unfortunately, Instagram is the only social media outlet I’m active on at the moment. However, stay tuned for my travel blog launching soon!

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