Travel Styles You'll Love

Travel Styles You'll Love

10 Go To Travel Styles You'll Love

Guest Writer: Stephanie Maisonneuve

When it comes to our hair as black women, many of us have to do a lot to maintain it on a daily basis. But when we’re traveling, doing our hair is the last thing on our mind. No one wants to spend their precious vacation time working on their hair. That is why we’ve compiled this list of 10 go-to travel styles for black hair that will let you slay on your vacation and not take up too much of your time while away.

Fun & Flirty Faux Hawk


If you’re looking for a quick style that can be accomplished with pretty much any texture or curl pattern, the faux hawk is the way to go. All you’ll need is a few hairpins and elastic bands to accomplish this go-to travel style that’s perfect for medium to long length hair. Faux hawks are perfect for any trip, and you can style it with a curling iron, flexi rods, or wear it natural. Wanna really do it big? Peep out this is cute and quick tutorial:

Short and Faded


The less hair, the less work needed to maintain it. Lately, going short and even bald had been the trend for black women. Not only are short and faded cuts appealing for the right face shape, but it’s low maintenance and perfect for traveling the globe.

Perfect for the Pool


If you’re planning on getting your swim on or at least getting your hair wet while on vacation, then you might want to consider cornrows. Cornrows are low maintenance, and unlike box braids, they don’t take as long to dry, nor are they heavy when they get wet, making it easy to transition from the pool to the streets without much hassle.

Box Braids Are Everything


Box braids will forever be the wave for black women on the go. In addition to being a perfect protective style, they can be easily styled into up-dos and buns, and they look just as nice hanging loose. Box braids are the epitome of a true get up and go style, and the fact that they’re low maintenance will no doubt free up your time to explore and have fun.

Quick and Cute Crochets


If you’re one who’s not really into sitting for long periods to get your hair braided, then a crochet style may be for you. Not only are they quick to install, but the styles are versatile, and they’re easy to maintain.

Fashionable Faux Locs


Faux locs is one of the most popular trends in protective hair styling. Not only do they give you an authentic loc’d look, but they’re easy to maintain and perfect for a carefree getaway.

Micro Braids For Lasting Appeal


When it comes to micro braids, you really can’t go wrong. While installation is time consuming, once they’re in, you’re pretty much good to go. When it comes to styling your micro braids, the options are endless.

Bun It Up

Photo: Pinterest

Headed on a business trip mixed with a little bit of pleasure? Well, this low maintenance bun style is easy to accomplish. This look can be achieved with your own hair or a faux bun pinned on top to match your natural hair texture. Preparation time should be no more than 20 minutes, and all you’ll need is some hairpins, edge control and/or gel, and a hair to pin on top. Perfect for business trips that allow for a little exploration at night. Peep out this tutorial:

Classic Ponytail With A Twist


Don’t call it a comeback! Ponytails are one of those classics styles that will never go out of style. Simple for DIY styling and easy to maintain, ponytails are perfect for travelnistas on the go!

When In Doubt, Twist it On Out


If you have a little time to spare between sightseeing, then a good ole’ twist out can deliver phenomenal results. Twist outs are also dope because they’re versatile and look nice on a variety of textures from kinky hair to curly hair and everything in between. Also, if maintained at night, twist outs make for a perfect get up, untwist, fluff, and go style. Word of wisdom: sometimes twist outs don’t work in our favor due to climate, humidity levels, and other random stuff. If you’re not familiar with a twist out, practice ahead of your twist, so you have an idea of the results beforehand.

With these 10 go-to travel styles, you’re sure to slay any destination! Now enjoy the moments and new experiences.

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