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Wakanda Group Photos We Love

Wakanda Group Photos We Love

February 07, 2019

Addicted to Wakanda group photos? We are too! 5 Reasons We Just Can't Stop

Guest Writer: Stephanie Maisonneuve

IG: @jefro5: Mix with black and black!

Solo travel is rewarding, bold, and can be a great act of self-care. However, it is very exciting when everyone in your squad says yes and #bookdatish. Traveling with your crew is not only great for bonding, but it gives you the opportunity to shut the gram down with your very own Wakanda inspired pictures. From coordinated outfits to dope locations, here are five reasons why we just can’t get enough of Wakanda group photos and why it’s here forever.

They are magical 

IG: @chiniluv: Natural hair, bold colors, New York and fearlessness? This entourage did not come to play.

Whether you’re serving us #blackgirlmagic, #girlboss, or #blackboyjoy vibes, Wakanda inspired photos light up our lives with their bold creativity. Every detail is well constructed. Colors, locations and perfect poses all come together to showcase the strength of friendship and family, which is what Wakanda is all about. Not only were you able to get all of your friends to book a flight, but you’ve managed to get everyone to bring the perfect shade of yellow dresses, scope out the best location, and capture flawless #squadgoals pictures for the world. If that’s not magical, we don’t know what is.

Wakanda is everywhere

@ __kingtre: Wait, is Wakanda in Cabo?

Those flights to Wakanda a little steep right now? Don’t trip, the essence of Wakanda can be captured anywhere. Cabo? Check. Greece? Check. Bali? Check. Cuba? Check. Everywhere? Check. Wakanda group shots show us that all that’s needed is you, your crew, a bomb photographer, dope backdrop, and enough slayage to heat up our screens. Shorties up front, wide camera angle lens, lots of fun and smize for the camera!

We represent

@eltonandersonjr: This is what happens when the whole crew says yes to Colombia.

For years the travel industry has depicted globetrotters in one way; white. It’s 2019, time for us to throw the whole black people don’t travel away. Wakanda inspired photos serves as a reminder that black people travel, that we matter, and that we are just as excited to #seesomeworld as anyone else. Black jetsetters are everywhere, and we have the squad pictures to prove it.

Ensemble This

We have questions that need answers. How do you all decide what to wear? What colors to choose? Do you schedule trips to the mall together? Are sketches involved? Where can we get that mustard colored flowy maxi dress? Do you travel with a fan to blow your dress like that? Off rack or tailor made? What’s your workout plan? What did you do with our edges? Can we travel with you all? We’re trying to be great too, and you all are out here just killing us softly. It is not right, but man it looks so good.

@jefro5: Flawless!

The swag

@feykamson: Five deep.

Whether it’s a candid stroll down the street or well-engineered positions, no one does it better. We love it all, and the more, the merrier. Shout out to the MVP (Most Valuable Photographer) for the cool shots that seem to capture everyone effortlessly as one single object while also making everyone standout in their own way. Everyone needs a friend like you. You probably get on top of trees, lay on sidewalks, hang on poles with just your legs, and almost lost your life trying to capture the perfect picture, and for that we thank you.

Wakanda is Forever, and we will never get tired of group pictures. If you’re looking to stunt for the gram, these Wakanda inspired group photos are just the inspiration you need to slay your next group photo and trip. Pack your bags, get your dope friends and lights, camera, action!  

Featured image by Clarke Sanders

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