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Throw It In The Bag

Throw It In The Bag

January 02, 2019

Throw It In The Bag: What to pack for Black Ski Weekend 2019


Guest Writer: Stephanie Maisonneuve

For newbie and experienced travelers, weekend trips can be the trickiest to pack for. When packing for a weekend getaway, many people struggle with packing enough but not packing too much. This is especially true when you’re packing for an event filled weekend - and event filled is exactly what you’re going to get if you’re heading to Black Ski Weekend.


Balance It Out

Even if you have no plans to actually ski, you still want to be prepared for the cold, because there are other fun things to do at the slope beside skiing. Whether you’re headed to Black Ski Weekend Canada, Black Ski Weekend Colorado, or any slope in between, you should know the average temperature during Black Ski Weekend is about 26 degrees at most locations, so it’s important you pack something warm to wear for outdoor activities. However, there are plenty of activities that happen indoors, so you also want to be able to switch it up. Here are a few staple items to balance out your bag for Black Ski Weekend 2019.


Snow boots, hand warmers, and gloves

Whether you’re heading to Canada or Colorado (or anywhere in between), you can plan on it being darn cold. Your extremities (hands and feet) are typically the first part of your body to get frostbite, so making sure you pack Snow Boots and gloves will be essential to having an enjoyable weekend at the slopes. Additionally, you definitely want to make sure your snow boots are waterproof because there’s nothing worse than cute boots on wet, frozen toes. Finally, having some hand warmers and good waterproof gloves handy will help to ensure you avoid that nasty old frostbite.

Skin Tip: Protecting your skin is another critical component of enjoying yourself in cold temperatures, and keeping your skin moisturized is key. Our Black Travel Box Body Balm contains coconut oil fused with mango and shea butter, specially made to nourish your skin while you’re on the cold slopes and also comes in handy after hopping out of the heated pool. Additionally, you don’t want to forget our minty cocoa butter lip balm, that will keep your lips kissable whether you’re traveling with your boo or flying out solo.  


Layers, socks, and beanies

Thinking of packing a huge winter coat? In addition to it being way too bulky, if you’re new to travel, it won’t take long for you to realize that less bags is more. When packing for your first ski trip, you want to eliminate as much bulk as possible, so it’s probably best to leave your coat behind. Instead, pack smart by bringing along layers that will keep you warm outdoors but that you can easily remove for activities in the lodge. Experts recommend packing down jackets (not coats), fleece pullovers, thick socks, scarfs, and a beanie or tight knit hat, and thermals, thermals, thermals! Forget everything you thought about long underwear when you were young and be sure to bring some along. Your body will thank you later!


Makeup, toiletries, and accessories

When it comes to packing makeup, think waterproof. Whether you’re outdoors on the slopes or inside at the heated pool, you can plan for a lot of precipitation. Waterproof makeup is sure to keep that beat on point and have you slaying all weekend.

Other must have items in your bag are your toiletries and accessories.  For toiletries, travel size is best so that it fits nicely in your bag and will get you past TSA smoothly. Also, don’t forget to bring along your snow goggles and sunglasses. Snow can be blinding.

Hair tip: The truth is, cold climates can be downright dirty to your locs. So, if you’re wondering how your hair will hold up, we’ve got you covered. Our Black Travel Box Hair Balm will smooth out your tresses and seal in the nutrients. Add our Conditioner Bar in the mix to keep your hair clean, tangle free and smelling good thanks to the fresh scents of Bergamot and White Tea. Want to keep it simple? Get all of your essentials for Black Ski Weekend in our handy dandy starter box. Each item is carry-on friendly and will fit perfectly in your bag.

Finally, don’t forget to pack a few choice items to party in along with your sexiest swimsuit. There’s nothing better than dancing the night away or lounging in a warm pool after a cold day at the slopes. Have fun!

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